Spanish cheese: a wide array of flavors

We will talk in this post about Spanish cheese, an essential ingredient on our Mediterranean gastronomic culture! But first, why is it so important?

There are more than 100 different types of Spanish cheese, 28 of them ranked between the best 66 cheeses of the whole world, by the World Cheese Awards 2016. Among the different types, 28 also have protected designation of origin (P.D.O.), a geographical indication to promote and protect names based on the quality of the agricultural products. Furthermore, the most popular and known abroad Spanish cheese is the Manchego cheese.

It is a pleasure for us to show you in our tour different types of Spanish cheese, accurately selected from different regions of the country. Having different characteristics, the selection of cheeses give us an idea of the country’s cheese culture. Culture that is combined with the wine culture, as those cheeses are always served with a good red wine in our Barcelona food tour.

Arzua-Ulloa is a cow cheese with a P.D.O. It is from Galicia, the northwest of Spain, that’s why it is also called the cheese of Galicia. It is a soft cheese, made with pasteurized milk, that has a maturation period between 2 and 3 weeks. Its paste has a uniform color between ivory and pale yellow, without cracks and presenting a little sponged appearance.

This Spanish cheese has usually a diameter between 120 and 260 mm and a height between 50 and 120 mm, but not being greater than the radius.

The artisanal goat cheese is from León, in the region of Castilla and León. It is made from raw milk and it has a maturation period between 2 and 3 weeks. This Spanish cheese has an ivory color with pressed but soft paste, non-rind and very soluble leaving a very pleasant fat sensation.

El Cascarral is a sheep cheese from Páramo family, in Burgos, also in the region of Castilla and León. Where Nuria is from!! It is a very traditional Spanish cheese from that region as the milk used comes from the “churra” sheep, native to Castilla and León and the sheep are fed on the same farm with free grazing. This Spanish cheese is made from raw milk and its maturation period is around 8 months. It has a frank, deep flavor, that melts in the palate releasing aromas of hay and straw.

The combination of local and traditional cheese with a small store with a personal charm, makes this experience of tastings a perfect way to get in our culture. Come and enjoy our private food tour in Barcelona for a combination of culture, cheese, wine and coziness.

Don’t forget to say cheese and see you all in our next post!


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