About Us

About Us

Nuria  (Founder, CEO, Guide)

After an extensive career as an artist in the field of contemporary art, as a creative in communication, and manager of cultural projects, now with Food Lovers Company I dedicate myself to share my knowledge about Spanish gastronomy and my city, Barcelona.

I was born in the North of Spain, near the Basque Country, where we can find one of the best gastronomies in Spain. I have grown up in a  familie where gastronomy played a very important part of our lives. Cooking and eating have always been one of our favourite pleasures and one of our main conversation topics. I have been living in Barcelona for the last 30 years, mainly in the Gothic Quarter, where every corner brings a vital memory to me.

I create this project because it allows me to be into my passion: share the best of Barcelona while I meet the world of other people.

With my very well trained palate I keep exploring Barcelona daily, its corners, bars and best restaurants away from the run-of-the-mill touristy circuits, quirky little places in order to be able to recommend the best of our gastronomic scene, and other aspects that you might be interested in.

Aleix. Guide

I am a journalist and publicist from Barcelona. I combine my career with my love for my city, art, opera and, of course, gastronomy. I love to do tours with Food Lovers Company as it allows me to enjoy sharing my experience and meeting people from all over the world.

Noemi. Guide

I was born and grew up in Barcelona. My experiences and memories of the city are shaped by food. I love sharing my passion for this beautiful region, it’s culture and gastronomy, and to rediscover them through the pleasure of the visitor. Like many Catalan people, I feel connected with the mountains of our region and hiking is my favourite pastime, but never alone! A shared experience heightens our pleasure and appreciation. Eating, drinking and walking together can be beautiful and extraordinary!

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