Our project provides a truly personal experience for discerning travelers and gourmets.

Guided by a hand picked team with personal and professional expertise our Barcelona activities are private and  when requested also customized experiences.

Our service is a notch above franchised Food and Wine tours, and quality and authenticity are our premises for designing our route stops.

Discover Spanish gastronomy, life style and genuine sociability. Learn about the best of Barcelona’s history, culture and people, with a really local insight. Visit the city in a unique way with expert local guides.

What makes us different

*Foodie guides with the art of conversation

We offer extensive insider knowledge of the city’s gastronomy, history and art.

We don’t follow a script and impart our own personal perspective of the city and the region, always bearing in mind our client’s interests.


There are several criteria by which we select the venues, food, drinks and itineraries. Above all, we look for excellence and authenticity in order to enjoy a unique and extraordinary day.


Our tours are only private. We guarantee you an intimate and exclusive experience for you and your friends in which you can satisfy your curiosity about our gastronomy, society and culture.

*Ethical tourism

As city dwellers, we are aware of the importance of respecting the neighborhoods’s dynamics and therefore we move in small groups which avoid causing a negative impact in addition of having a work model that implies a social return.

Our project

Food Lovers Company is a small local project focused on quality, built with the knowledge, passion and unrivalled local insight of two entrepreneurial foodies from Barcelona. We are not a big company and our online presence is only due to the excellent reputation provided by our clients. Click here to find out more about us

Reasons to choose us

Because you want to taste excellent, authentic, local food and wine in Barcelona. Experience real Spanish and Catalan culture of the highest quality. As inhabitants and experts we offer a unique and rich perspective that our customers appreciate. Please read their opinions here