Looking for the best paella in Barcelona

When exploring food in Barcelona I often focus on paella, my favourite dish. My pleasure is double, while I enjoy eating it, I am also curious to try paellas prepared by different chefs as each paella is unique, as well as to find the best paella in Barcelona.

Being from this city, I usually go to have paella with friends or family on Sundays. I am not, in any aspects of my life, a traditional person but as far as gastronomy is concerned, I have the greatest respect for tradition.



While searching for that amazing paella in Barcelona and surroundings I have been several times to L’Estupendu, a restaurant where you can eat a delicious paella by the beach while enjoying stunning sea views in a local atmosphere, which, as we know, is difficult in Barcelona.

L’Estupendu is located on Badalona beach, some 10 km away from Barcelona. This should not prevent you from missing this amazing experience. Travelling from Barcelona city centre only takes 30 minutes. Badalona train station is by the seaside and on your way to the restaurant you will be able to see some colourful old fishing boats aground on this part of the beach.

It will take you 16 minutes to get there by train and then a 10-minute walk on the beach to get to this charming restaurant.

You will find address and directions at the bottom of the page.



L’Estupendu is not a small restaurant, but no worries it is divided into four welcoming different lovely areas.

The terrace with views of the sea is magnificent. Eating here is taking a trip down memory lane and living again one of those Sundays of our youth with good paella, good wine, the beach, the sea breeze… except for digging our feet in the sand, it feels like being on one those restaurant terraces in the old Barceloneta, before 1992.


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Let’s eat the world in Barcelona

Let’s eat in Barcelona !

Let me share with you 5 delicious restaurants that we can’t miss if you are in Barcelona.

When you live in Barcelona you are boosted by the energy and the good vibes of the city on a daily basis, which you take wherever you go in the world. When you answer “Barcelona “ with your mouth full of pride, to the typical “Where are from?” your interlocutor will usually smile, slightly jealous, because they know (they all know) that you live in a flavourful, wonderful city !

Would you like to explore the nooks and crannies and discover the true essence of the culture and the thousands of nuances that make this cosmopolitan city overflow with flavours and good taste ?

I would like to share with you some of the places I have discovered throughout the years and where I usually go because they take me on a journey of flavours from different cultures without having to leave the Ciudad Condal.

Yakumanka – Peruvian cevichería

A little piece of Peru has landed in the Barcelona Eixample quarter to stay and it has, at the hand of Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio. Fresh fish with the best ingredients and traditional Peruvian seafood recipes coexist in ceviches, tiraditos, causa (Peruvian layered potato dish), arroz chaufa (Peruvian fried rice dish) and other exquisite dishes that make Peruvian cuisine one of the most outstanding of South America. Every time I go to Yakumanka I order a pisco sour (alcoholic cocktail of Peruvian origin). It’s heavenly! Believe me when I tell you that it is absolutely essential you try it, you may like it as much as I do. Now,  just have two as the third one might make you too happy!


Carrer Valencia 207, 08007 Barcelona

Tel. 935 661 548

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Spanish traditions: Coca de “llardons”

Traditional pastry in Barcelona

Noche de San Juan, revetlla de Sant Joan, Juhannus, fogueiras de São João, Midsummer night, Saint John’s Eve, Bonfire night, Jonsok, Sankthans, Midsommar, Jaanipäev…

The night of bonfires. The night of fire. Since ancient times the beginning of summer has been celebrated in many European countries with festivities on Saint John’s Eve.

In Barcelona we are still celebrating it even if the bonfires have gradually been disappearing and the firecrackers decreasing, family and friends still gather to celebrate St John’s Eve. Now, these gatherings are never, ever taking place without the cava and the coca de Sant Joan.

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Michelin star restaurant Barcelona: Lasarte

LASARTE – the first 3-michelin star restaurant in Barcelona

Though the city is famous for its modern restaurant scene, up until 2017 it was still missing one prestigious mark, a 3-michelin star restaurant Barcelona. This changed when renowned Basque chef Martín Berasategui received a third star for his cuisine embassy in Barcelona – Lasarte, making him the Spanish chef with most Michelin stars. One year after that historical event we went to check what the buzz is all about and had an unforgettable lunch at one of the top restaurants in Barcelona.

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All You Wanted to Know about Spanish Cava Wine

Cava Wine

Our local Spanish sparkling wine is an absolute treat. And this is why.

For too long Cava wine was consisted to be “poor man´s Champagne”. But those days are long gone. Today this Spanish sparkling wine can be found in most restaurants´ wine list and wine enthusiasts fridges everywhere. Mainly for its amazing quality and affordable prices. So, what´s the story of this local popular wine? We´re here to demystify this fabulous sparkling treat for you.

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Penedès Wine – the Best Wine Tasting Experience Near Barcelona

Looking for wineries near Barcelona? Penedès wine region is one of our favorite places to explore local viniculture and enjoy an amazing wine tasting experience.  

Penedès wine country is where rich landscape and wine tourism in Barcelona go hand in hand. This makes it an ideal destination where fresh air lovers can discover new delicious wine tasting experiences. And why it´s also one of our favorite places to visit local wineries near Barcelona. What is so special about Penedès wine? Well we´ll tell you!

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Best views in Barcelona


Traditionally, it is said that Rome is the city of the hills. In fact, Europe is full of cities which nestle and perch beautifully in their topographies. Barcelona, with its seven hills -Turó de la Creueta del Coll, Turó del Carmel, Turó de la Rovira, Turó de la Peira, Turó del Putget, Turó de Monterols and Turó de Modolell – is one of them.

We can add Tibidabo and Montjuïc to the list too. Mountain and sea are two elements which help create Barcelona’s special personality and atmosphere, and provide lots of places where we can enjoy fabulous views.

Today I would like to show you some some places where you can see the best views in Barcelona from another point of view.



First of all, I recommend going up Montjuïc, the hill where Barcelona (Barcino) was born, when the Romans disembarked and created a small settlement in a natural harbor below Montjuïc before moving to the city’s present location. It’s name could come from Mons lovis (Hill of Jupiter), though another hypothesis says that this hill could have been a Jewish cemetery in the middle ages – Mons Jueus, the Hill of the jews.

Because of its strategic position, it became a fortress in order to defend the city especially in the XVIIIth century, and also to repress its population.

Thanks to the Universal Exhibitions of 1888 and 1929, Montjuïc was converted into a leisure space, with an important amusement park (now closed). The hill is dotted with gardens and viewpoints, of which I especially recommend visiting:

El Mirador del Migdia, located close to the castle with a view over the harbor and the other side of the mountain, including L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and the surrounding area.

Click HERE for Google Maps location

From this viewpoint, we can take Camí del Mar (the sea path), which reveals a delightful surprise, the small and pretty lighthouse of Barcelona.

A bit further on, we arrive at another viewpoint, el Mirador de l’Alcalde, with wonderful views over Barcelona at any hour of the day!

Click HERE for Google Maps location

The third and last option is closer to the city and lets us appreciate it in detail. El Mirador de Miramar, located in front of one of the gorgeous Miramar Hotel (www.hotelmiramarbarcelona.com).

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As promised, today we continue our journey through Catalonia…

Travel with us and discover the Best Day Trips from Barcelona… Part 2!

Tarragona, a trip to Roman times

Now, we can change the landscape and going to one place full of Mediterranean elements and postcards; a place where the climate is really good and, in fact, Hadrian, one of the most important Roman emperors, for this same reason, said long time ago…

Tarraco, ciuitas ubi uer aerternum est (Tarraco, the city where Spring is eternal)  So, this option is an excellent idea in order to know the Roman past of Catalunya, whereas you take a nice promenade next to the sea. Its ancient ruins, given that Tarragona (Tarraco) was the main city of one of the three provinces of the Roman Empire in Hispania, the province of Tarraconensis, are really interesting to visit. In fact, they were declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

With your Tarragona’s visit, you will travel some centuries back and see like the new city, organized by three different levels (Temple, Palace and town), is built following the Roman remains and structures. For example, the Cathedral, a great example of medieval art, is located at the same place than the Roman temple.

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