Turrones – traditional Christmas sweets from Spain

Christmas is a time for trying traditional sweets like polvorones (an almond shortbread) candied fruits (peaches, apricots and apples) or finally delicious nougat bars named turrones. Today we talk about the nougat.

Turron en La Campana


Spain is recognized as a second producer of almonds worldwide and as a country with one of the highest rates of its’ consumption as well. Since 16th century Spain had been producing many vareties of confectionery based on almonds: sugared almonds, marzipan, almond cakes, shortbreads and nougat bars (turrones).

The nougat stems from south of Spain, where almonds and honey (main ingredients of turrones) had beed brought and rooted by Arabic settlers. An interesting fact is that name turrón may derive from a Latin word torrere (to toast) or an Arabic turun (a dessert). Continue reading