Escudella Recipe

As we are in winter we feel like talking about Escudella, a typical winter dish in Cataluña and a delight to popular cuisine.

Escudella means bowl, because it is a bowl of soup, a rustic soup made with vegetables and meat.

What I find unfortunate is that nowhere in Barcelona allows you to test a small bowl escudella a trial or lid. You need to sit in a restaurant to get to try this treat, or do it at home. So here are the recipe.

Escudella Recipe:

This recipe is very simple but requires time to cook , minimum 3-hour fire.


  • A chicken leg
  • One white and one black sausage
  • A ham bone with fat
  • A bone of beef
  • Pig bone and pig ear
  • A neck lamb
  • 1 potato 2 carrot 1 leek 2 turnip 1 celery
  • 60 grams of chickpeas that have previously been soaking about 24 hours

For the meatloaf:

  • 300 gr. minced pork to make small meatballs
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • A small onion
  • Egg
  • Parsley
  • A slice of stale bread, crust removed
  • 250 gr. Galets (pasta)


Begin cooking the meat during 90 minutes, then add the vegetables and let cook 60 minutes more.

Meanwhile we will make the pilotas – meatloaf balls-

Mix the beaten egg with meat, salt, pepper, bread, add the garlic, parsley and onion finely chopped. We give a ball, floured and fry over high heat a minute in the pan in olive oil. Just to be fried out. Drain on paper piles after frying to remove excess oil.

We left the broth alone without vegetables and meat. Chop one of the carrots cooked in the broth and add it to the broth with the meatloaf balls.

Finally we add the broth some pasta shells ,usually about 12 minutes.

And enjoy!

Escudella Recipe


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