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As Barcelona locals, what is the best experience we could offer you if you are a food lover and a curious traveler? A tapas experience, definitely. The most famous and celebrated Spanish habits, and our favorite of course. Let’s go to visit and enjoy authentic places for locals while enjoyng amazing views and charming corners of Barcelona.

Taste with us the authentic way of life of Barcelona

Let yourself go and enjoy the best of our gastronomic culture and social life!

How? It’s basically a meeting with friends to eat tapas (“tapear” ) and “fer el vermut” doing vermut literally, while we tour the city on a pleasant walk. We are your friends in Barcelona, the kind of friends you wish you had in every city so they could tell you all the secrets that only the most passionate gourmets and city explorers can know.

What? some examples of the best tapas in Barcelona we will eat: fresh calamari grilled, artichokes, octopus stew, croquettes, variety of traditional sausages, cured anchovies in salad and fried fresh anchovies, artisan cheeses and… something so sweet!! Let us surprise you!!

Vermut in Barcelona? This drink, full of aromas, is a wine marinated with botanicals, spices, herbs … more than a hundred! When you know that you are going to drink many vermouths (and this is usually because the custom is to go from one place to another eating and drinking) you can reduce it with a bit of carbonated water that comes in a traditional bottle design, pure vintage, the famous “sifón”.

Where? our walking tour covers three neighborhoods or areas of the old city Barceloneta, La Merçé and Gothic quarter.

Very important details that make us different

– Only native guides
– Unbeatable quality of all tasted food
– Local guides, fun, easy people with wide expertise
– very small groups, intimate experience, 6 people max
– Unbeatable local knowledge

Highly summarized

-Morning on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
-3 hours aprox (although it is often longer)
-4 stops
-6 people max
– All inclusive price


95 euros per person, all included!

Secure payment with credit card available.

All of our regularly-led tours are also available as private tours