Ca l’Estevet, traditional Catalan and Spanish food in Barcelona

The restaurant Ca l’Estevet is that restaurant you choose when you want to eat typical Catalan and Spanish food, when you do not want to risk the event because you have guests who do not know the city, and because you want to have a good meal with Spanish food on a traditional restaurant, quiet and with quality. Safe bet I would say.

The first impression is always to arrive at a classic, where time passes slowly and it seems that the vertiginous changes that the city has undergone in the last years have not arrived there; that is a unique pleasure for those who are local, and an unequal opportunity for outsiders to find something essential in our cultural life.

Ca l’Estevet is that kind of restaurant with its history hanging on the walls, and with the atmosphere of a place that has dyed the familiar air of its thousands of visitors over several generations. In this case the visitors were often artists and people with clear political commitment.

Its history dates back to the end of the 19th century but received its current name in 1940. It is in the Raval district, where the Boqueria Market and Las Ramblas are also located. Furthermore, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) and the Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) are very close to the Spanish restaurant, a visit to them can end with a meal or dinner in this restaurant and be a perfect plan in Barcelona, trying good Spanish food. If you want to visit one of the most traditional meeting places, this is the place.

At the entrance, the owner and maître Pep Cabot meets you. In Ca l’Estevet you will find a very old-fashioned type of service; proximity and distance in perfect measure, right amount of humour; just to create well-being and confidence, thanks to the professional waiters wearing white blazer, it is like the time tunnel! Their waiters are an added value without any doubt.

One detail that we love is that on each table there is the typical white tablecloth. A characteristic that reflects the tradition of Ca l’Estevet.

Our experience

The menu is full of classic recipes, based on Mediterranean gastronomy, which preserve the traditional culinary heritage of the Catalan and Spanish food. Trying local cuisine is, definitely, an important part of any trip.

We tried many entrees, to highlight the wonderful snails with salt, pepper and thyme. As well as the prawns with leeks, anchovies and mussels.

Second dishes

In the seconds, I would highlight Café Paris, always perfect. This dish is a veal steak with sauce at the Cafe de Paris. In addition, we can also highlight the meatballs with cuttlefish (accompanied by a delicious and tasty sauce) and the oxtail stew (incredible and very tasty).

Other typical Catalan and Spanish food dishes always present in the menu are “cod a la llauna” (fried and baked), the fisherman “a la marinera”, grilled calamari with garlic and parsley and sautéed squid and shrimp.

As well as the “cap i pota” with sanfaina and the “fricandó” of veal with wild mushrooms (slices of veal cut and cooked in a rich sauce with seasonal mushrooms).

Typical desserts

The desserts very classic too; to highlight the delicious Catalan cream.

Another paragraph deserves the pastries of Villamala that they have at the weekends. Do not forget to try the puff pastry with cream; Only for this is worth a visit!

Ca l’Estevet is, clearly, a must visit in Barcelona.

The Spanish food typical restaurant is in El Raval, specifically in Valldonzella Street, 46. It is easy to get to, as it is next to the metro; you can go from Universitat or Catalunya stop.

Its telephone number is 933 024 186 and it has a non-stop kitchen from 1pm to 10.45pm all days but holidays; when they open from 1pm to 3.30pm. Do not worry about the payment method, since they accept credit card; for example, Mastercard.

Our recommendation is a more reserved dining room that can be reserved for a maximum of 8 people.


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