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Food & Tapas Tour Barcelona

You will be able to enjoy a careful selection of the best and most popular dishes, prepared with the best quality products, in the nicest places, at the best times.
The tapas and dishes served in our tour are based on locally grown produce and locally sourced meats and seafood.

Check our gallery to see some examples of food we taste in our tours, always depending on the season and the offer.

The Guides

We are Nuria, Margherita and Aleix, Barcelona dwellers with a selective palate and initiated to the best cuisine, with a lively easy-going personality and a great knowledge of the city, its places and its people. The three of us have a background in Culture and Arts, and a perspective that only those who have grown up in the Mediterranean culture can have. We will add a personal touch to your tour and transform it into a celebration of culinary pleasure and a singular local experience.

We run the Shared tours in English, while our private tours can be in English, Spanish, French or Italian.

Tour Details

– We will visit 4 places (bars, wine bars and restaurants) and in each one of them we will order different tapas and dishes.
– In some of them we will drink vermouth, in others beer and in others glasses of good wine depending on the best quality on offer in each place.
Morning and evening tapas tours from Monday to Saturday.
– The duration is 4h approx. (although it is often longer)
Minimum 2 persons per group.
– Solo travellers are welcome. But please contact us to check availability.
– The group will never be more than 8 people.

– On Sunday morning we offer private tours! Check the availability

A true celebration of culinary pleasures!

Tour Prices

130 euros per person, all included!
Deposit: 45 euros per person.

Secure payment with credit card available.