Penedès Wine – the Best Wine Tasting Experience Near Barcelona

Looking for wineries near Barcelona? Penedès wine region is one of our favorite places to explore local viniculture and enjoy an amazing wine tasting experience.  

Penedès wine country is where rich landscape and wine tourism in Barcelona go hand in hand. This makes it an ideal destination where fresh air lovers can discover new delicious wine tasting experiences. And why it´s also one of our favorite places to visit local wineries near Barcelona. What is so special about Penedès wine? Well we´ll tell you!

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Best views in Barcelona


Traditionally, it is said that Rome is the city of the hills. In fact, Europe is full of cities which nestle and perch beautifully in their topographies. Barcelona, with its seven hills -Turó de la Creueta del Coll, Turó del Carmel, Turó de la Rovira, Turó de la Peira, Turó del Putget, Turó de Monterols and Turó de Modolell – is one of them.

We can add Tibidabo and Montjuïc to the list too. Mountain and sea are two elements which help create Barcelona’s special personality and atmosphere, and provide lots of places where we can enjoy fabulous views.

Today I would like to show you some some places where you can see the best views in Barcelona from another point of view.



First of all, I recommend going up Montjuïc, the hill where Barcelona (Barcino) was born, when the Romans disembarked and created a small settlement in a natural harbor below Montjuïc before moving to the city’s present location. It’s name could come from Mons lovis (Hill of Jupiter), though another hypothesis says that this hill could have been a Jewish cemetery in the middle ages – Mons Jueus, the Hill of the jews.

Because of its strategic position, it became a fortress in order to defend the city especially in the XVIIIth century, and also to repress its population.

Thanks to the Universal Exhibitions of 1888 and 1929, Montjuïc was converted into a leisure space, with an important amusement park (now closed). The hill is dotted with gardens and viewpoints, of which I especially recommend visiting:

El Mirador del Migdia, located close to the castle with a view over the harbor and the other side of the mountain, including L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and the surrounding area.

Click HERE for Google Maps location

From this viewpoint, we can take Camí del Mar (the sea path), which reveals a delightful surprise, the small and pretty lighthouse of Barcelona.

A bit further on, we arrive at another viewpoint, el Mirador de l’Alcalde, with wonderful views over Barcelona at any hour of the day!

Click HERE for Google Maps location

The third and last option is closer to the city and lets us appreciate it in detail. El Mirador de Miramar, located in front of one of the gorgeous Miramar Hotel (

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As promised, today we continue our journey through Catalonia…

Travel with us and discover the Best Day Trips from Barcelona… Part 2!

Tarragona, a trip to Roman times

Now, we can change the landscape and going to one place full of Mediterranean elements and postcards; a place where the climate is really good and, in fact, Hadrian, one of the most important Roman emperors, for this same reason, said long time ago…

Tarraco, ciuitas ubi uer aerternum est (Tarraco, the city where Spring is eternal)  So, this option is an excellent idea in order to know the Roman past of Catalunya, whereas you take a nice promenade next to the sea. Its ancient ruins, given that Tarragona (Tarraco) was the main city of one of the three provinces of the Roman Empire in Hispania, the province of Tarraconensis, are really interesting to visit. In fact, they were declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

With your Tarragona’s visit, you will travel some centuries back and see like the new city, organized by three different levels (Temple, Palace and town), is built following the Roman remains and structures. For example, the Cathedral, a great example of medieval art, is located at the same place than the Roman temple.

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5 Hotels in Barcelona recommended by Food Lovers Company

Barcelona is one of the most frequently visited places in Spain. You will find here more than 3 thousand hotels. Today, we chose only 5 hotels in Barcelona to show you the best perpective of this magical and vibrant city! Let’s check it out.

   1. Yurbban Hotel

Yurbban was created in Barcelona with the desire to unite the concepts of urban tourism and the essence of what is true, local and authentic. A vintage-style hotel with modern touches designed so you can enjoy your stay in the heart of the city in the calmest, most comfortable setting.”

Yurbban Hotel in Barcelona

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Barcelona is much more than just a city: it is the main city of Catalunya, such an interesting region full of plans and places to make and go; full of history, good gastronomy and postcard’s landscapes. This is the reason why I would like to show you some of these places in my first post for Food Lovers Company, the best day trips from Barcelona.

All of them are accessible by train from Barcelona, so you will not have any problem in order to get them!

First of all… a little bit of history! Catalunya, a region formed by different counties during The Middle Ages, was divided in Catalunya Vella (Old Catalonia) and Catalunya Nova (New Catalonia). The difference between both Catalunyas was the period of time they were under the Arabic domination. So, whereas Catalunya Vella was the first one in being Catalan, Catalunya Nova was not under Catholic domination until the XIIIrd century.

Nowadays, this difference is still on the environment, on its gastronomy and, especially, on its architecture.

So, do you want to walk with us around our lovely Catalunya in order to know all these elements? 😉


Ripoll, the cradle of Catalunya

If you want to know the medieval and romantic Catalunya origins, you must go to Ripoll, the cradle of Catalunya Vella and, in consequence, the Catalunya’s cradle. There, you will find a big monastery, a foundation of Guifré el Pilós (Guifré the Hairy), one of the firsts Counts of Catalunya, and his political and religious companion Abad Oliba, one of the most important abbots of this won to Muslims new region.

Inside the Monastery, you will find the tomb of Guifré el Pilós and the flavour of history in its walls.

Although the whole of the building is a reinvention from romantic times, always under the idea of nation and recuperation of the birthplace (you will see that most of the parts of the Monastery are reconstructions from the XIXth century, done by Elies Rogent, an important Catalan architect of this period), the cloister is original.

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Ca l’Estevet, traditional Catalan and Spanish food in Barcelona

The restaurant Ca l’Estevet is that restaurant you choose when you want to eat typical Catalan and Spanish food, when you do not want to risk the event because you have guests who do not know the city, and because you want to have a good meal with Spanish food on a traditional restaurant, quiet and with quality. Safe bet I would say.

The first impression is always to arrive at a classic, where time passes slowly and it seems that the vertiginous changes that the city has undergone in the last years have not arrived there; that is a unique pleasure for those who are local, and an unequal opportunity for outsiders to find something essential in our cultural life.

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Brunch in Majestic Hotel Barcelona

Brunch in Spain is quite unusual, but it is starting to be an ideal plan to enjoy of a quiet meeting with friends, who appreciate the gastronomy and good conversation, without hurry and with joy. When is the perfect timing to do that? On Sunday!

We never stop exploring our own city like good foodies, and our guests ask us for this option quite often. So, we decided to try, this time, the brunch that is offering an emblematic place: Majestic Hotel

Majestic Hotel

The hotel is placed at Passeig de Gracia, the most prestigious avenue around the city, very close to the most exclusive stores or the most emblematic buildings created by Gaudí.

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Casa Milà, the House without right Angles

Barcelona, the modernist city

Our city has a huge importance in the modernism architecture thanks to Antoni Gaudí. His most well-known buildings are Casa Batlló, Sagrada Familia and Casa Milà itself. However, Sant Pau complex, designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, is another amazing modernist work. From Food Lovers Company, we recommend you visit it as it is not so crowded. Moreover, it is easy to visit almost all modernist works with the modernist route, which includes 120 works.

Casa Milà

In this post, we are going to give you some highlights on Casa Milà and explain you our experience in Cafè de la Pedrera, which is inside it.

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A Gastronomic Trip around Barcelona; Santa Pau

Discover a hidden spot of Catalonia

Catalonia is full of culture and food with a variety of landscapes. From Barcelona is easy to reach every hidden spot of Catalonia and visit them as it is on the middle, by the coast.

In this special post, we are going to introduce you to a northern region; talk about a little village, Santa Pau, and its traditional product named “fesols”.

First of all, why is this post so special? Well, it is special because Santa Pau is the village of Sandra, our collaborator. So, in this post, she is going to talk about it in first person with the love she has for her village and food.

Santa Pau, a jewel between volcanoes

Santa Pau is a little village in La Garrotxa, a region located just an hour and a half from Barcelona.  It is surrounded by volcanoes, mountains, fields and a nice forest.

This medieval village itself is very beautiful, highlighting the Major square; with unequal arches and arcades that release a lot of personality, next to the castle. Santa Maria’s church is also placed in this square.

For me, the best part of my village are the narrow streets that start from the Major square. They have a lot of charm and they end on an arcade from where you can appreciate the sea between the mountains.

Walking around these streets during the day or the night changes the feeling they transmit. Even though I love it in both situations, my favorite one is during the night; for the orange lights and because no one is outside, so it is like you have the whole village for you.

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Foodie Life in Barcelona, Brunch in Mandarin Oriental

Looking for the best foodie experience in Barcelona

My friends know me very well, so they invited me for my birthday to a brunch in Mandarin Oriental, the great and beautiful hotel in Barcelona. Thanks girls!

I knew the hotel and Banker’s Bar, where I enjoyed good cocktails; but I had never visited BistrEau from Ángel León.

BistrEau is located in the heart of the hotel, it is a quiet place that invites you to have nice talks on a Sunday without rush.

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