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You can find tapas everywhere, but where are the best ones? What time is the best time to go to a restaurant or a bar and not get trampled to death by swarms of people? In a renowned place what should you choose on the menu? Is everything good?
Our choice of food and places highlight excellence and authenticity, fresh produce, and nice spaces to better understand the culture and the cuisine of the country. You will be able to enjoy the best of the best, which can prove difficult in a city if you don’t know what’s on offer.

Our Award-winning Barcelona Food Tour

Our food tour offers a real experience of Spanish and Catalan culinary culture and enables you to discover the Old Town in just a few hours, since it follows the remains of a city full of history: the Roman, the Medieval and the Gothic city, and the most interesting spots in the area.
We select, as much as possible, the less crowded streets, so you can discover beautiful hideouts and alleyways.

4 Hours, 4 Places
Only Spanish and Catalan Cuisine
Small Groups, 8 People Max.
All Inclusive Price
Local Guides
You Will Discover the Most Beautiful Parts of the Old Town

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Food Lovers Company is a small project born out of the knowledge and the passion of two entrepreneurs from Barcelona. We are not a big company and our online presence is only due to the excellent reputation provided by our clients. Thank you very much for trusting our local project of quality.
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